Small Incinerators (BS-SERIES)

BS-Series is designed to make perfect combustion even with a large amount of waste, and these have high combustion efficiency due to its wider burn areas compared to other small incinerators. These have a large capacity and come as a package type making it possible to be delivered and installed.

BS – Series

NBS – Series

Unburned gas in the first combustion chamber is perfectly combusted in the independent second combustion chamber in order to minimize air pollutants and unburned gas.

HANARO’s special spiral nozzles spin the flame inside the combustion chamber, which leads to efficient combustion.

Combustion chambers are designed to maintain noise emissions, and a “back fire protecting system” is installed to prevent back fire to the door by gas explosion and gas expansion when waste is oversupplied.

The waste heat wasted during incineration is recovered as steam and warm water, so that the production, heating and fuel costs can be reduced. (optional)

Among small incinerators, the BS-Series is suitable for high-capacity facilities between 200 kg/hr and 800 kg/hr.

BS-Series, having a small incinerator with large capacity, has double cyclones so that it can remove fine dust to coarse dust more efficiently.

By adding S.D.R. and chemicals, harmful gas generated while incinerating waste can be eliminated.

  • Operation Temperature : 800℃ ~ 1,260℃
  • Gas Rest Time : 1~2 Seconds
  • Capacity : 15 ~ 500 kg/hr
Model Ave. Capacity(kg/hr) 1 st Chamber 2 nd Chamber Installation Area Remark
BS-200 200 ~ 300 2.79㎥ 1.50㎥ 30.00㎥  
BS-300 300 ~ 400 5.40㎥ 2.00㎥ 46.00㎥  
BS-500 500 ~ 600 8.80㎥ 4.30㎥ 48.00㎥  
BS-800 600 ~ 800 9.10㎥ 4.80㎥ 54.00㎥