Boiler System

Waste Heat Recovery Boiler System

Waste heat recovery boiler system and incineration boiler can make perfect combustion without exhaust gas and odor. The eco-friendly and economical boiler can recover waste heat so that energy and costs can be saved.

The boiler with a working pressure over 0.7 Mpa is made of special steel, having superior performance and life span.

With high-efficiency water tubes, the boiler has small size but high capacity and can be installed in a relatively small area.

The boiler operates steadily by attaching the auto-cleaning device inside it against fly ash.

The air box for supplying the second combustion air is attached for smooth combustion.

An automatic ignition device is attached for safe ignition, and the re-emission grate is automatized for the smooth combustion of fuel.

Incineration Boilers

Incineration boilers can make perfect combustion free from exhaust gas and odor and recover waste heat as steam for heating and supplying hot water. In that way, the incineration boilers are highly eco-friendly and economical.

Characteristics of Waste heat recycling Boiler System & Combustion Boiler

  • Combustion Boiler can complete combustion free from smoke and stink thorough incinerator.
  • As a result of incineration of the waste, it is effective fro waste disposal at the workplace.
  • The waste heat generated during combustion can be recycled as steam [Energy recovery system]
  • Fuel saving is possible with the heating and hot water suppyl function.
  • Because of the above characteristics, Our Incinerator is one of the most environment-friendly and economical facilities.

Pellet Boilers

Boilers with a working pressure over 0.7 Mpa are made of special steel for boilers, having superior performance and life span. It renders perfect combustion using the air box for supplying the second combustion air. Wood pellets are by-products of processing wood products and used as fuels that emit less carbon dioxide.

Characteristics of Wood Pellet Boiler

  • Boiler which would be operated over the 0.7Mpa working pressure was made by special steel to ensure superior performance and life.
  • For the efficient of combustion, We equipped air box to supply secondary combustion air.
  • Wood pellet is the most common type of pellet fuel and it is recognized as an eco-friendly fuel.

Other Boilers

Firewood boilers and multi-use boilers heat fast and have high heat efficiency. Being HANARO’s patented products, they have air pollution prevention facilities that reduce smoke and odor.

Forced firing, which is a groundbreaking combustion method using a high-pressure nozzle, can minimize soot and smoke, and it is especially excellent at removing odor. 

Dust and fire-sparks are firstly collected by centrifugal force and emitted through the smokestack, preventing the emission of air pollutants and the risk of fire.

The system prevents back fire toward its door due to gas explosion and gas expansion when fuel is oversupplied.

The model is suitable for heating and warming a large amount of water in a short time.

The patented warm water tanks and water tubes are sold separately. 
The boiler guarantees fast heating and high heat efficiency.