Main Item


Our product shall be used safety at any bad condition with the optimum design, standardization of parts and best quality product due to accumulated technology and experience.


  Functional efficiency

Our product shall keep the environment and save 85% energy efficiency due to perfect combustion, no smoke, no smell and no color by high-tech combustion technical method.



Our product was specially designed to remove the corrosion of equipment by waste gas and high no smoke, temperature, and has good endurance due to using of high quality material.


  Economical officiency

Our product shall maintain the clean environment and reduce the cost of consignment disposal and good to reduce the energy consumption because it uses the waste as fuel.

  • Medical Incinerators
  • Animal / Poultry
  • Place of Business Incinerators
  • General Incinerators
  • Large Incineration Plant
  • Industry Incinerators
  • Cyclone
  • Semi Dry Scrubber
  • Wet Scrubber
  • Bag filter
  • A/C Tower
  • Firewood boiler & Wood Pellet boiler
  • Electric furnace
  • Bio SRF boiler , S·R·F
  • Multipurpose boiler. Metal heat treatment furnace
  • Iron & steel facilities and heat equipment
  • Construction of shaft tunnel and heat insulation & Remodelling of relevant facilities